Ebook ‘In Deepest Secrecy’ now available

10 - 01 - 2023 / Navy News / 0 comments

Author: Jaime Karremann

Only a few copies of the paperback version of ‘In Deepest Secrecy’ are left, but don’t worry. Amazon, Kobo and many other webshops have unlimited stock of the ebook edition. From Japan to the US, you can read about secret Dutch submarine patrols.

HNLMS Zwaardvis (Photo: Royal Netherlands Navy)

In deepest secrecy is about secret Dutch submarine operations during the Cold War. The book describes sixteen submarine operations, based on secret information about these patrols (that more or less accidentally ended up in the Dutch National Archives) and numerous interviews. Even before publication the Dutch edition was on prime time tv in the Netherlands.

In total (Dutch and international edition combined) more than 12.000 copies have been sold.

Larry Bond

The paperback found its way to former submariners and naval authors. For example to Larry Bond (he co-authored Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy) purchased a copy. Bond wrote a favorable review for his newsletter and gave the book as a gift to various naval and intelligence friends, he e-mailed the author in 2019. Aaron Amick (YouTube channel Sub Brief) also praised the book in a video about the Walrus class submarines, while magazines such as Warships International Fleet Review also expressed their positive opinion about In deepest secrecy.

A former submariner from a friendly country who received a copy as a gift in 2022, reported to the author that he had had “sleepless nights” because of the book. He found it fascinating and surprising that “such a small navy could carry out such covert operations with its submarines far from it’s homeport”. He also said he now better understands the Dutch Navy’s attitude in the replacement of the Walrus class.

In Deepest Secrecy
In Deepest Secrecy: Dutch Submarine Espionage Operations from 1968 to 1991

Amazon, Kobo

The ebook is available in several shops worldwide. Amazon offers In Deepest Secrecy to their customers in Japan, Australia, Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and India. Also Kobo offers the e-book to several markets worldwide (for example in Canada). Just as Bol.com.